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Understanding the assignment : Motherhood

Fear, joy, sadness, anxiety, excitement was all emotions I experienced when bringing

Kairo into this world. My pregnancy wasn't ideal for me. I didn't understand how I would raise a young black male as a single mother. I carried the guilt of bringing an unborn child into this world and honestly felt like I failed as a mother. In my mind, I repeated things I saw that I swore wouldn't happen to me, which was a hard pill to swallow. I remember wanting to burst into tears at my gender reveal because I was so scared to bring a boy, better yet, any child, into this world. I never experienced a mother's love growing up, so I questioned my ability to love someone unconditionally -- including my child. It was scary, but God knew my heart. He knew I wanted to be different. He knew I wanted to dismantle unhealthy learned behaviors and be the best mother I could be. Just when I lost all hope, he sent such a beautiful soul my way to remind me what unconditional love is and how nurturing and

hands-on it is. Dr. Kadijah Campbell made me understand that God has plans for Kairo, that there is a purpose for his life, and it was up to me to provide love, care, and protection. Understanding the assignment is not always about getting it right. There's no manual for being a mother, but God will show us the way through prayer and supplication. Today I'm hopeful and try my best to cherish every little moment with my king. He brings so much joy to my life and helps me understand how much strength I have. God truly takes a situation that we thought would take us out and turn it into one of the most biggest blessings. P. S You got this momma , Keep going !

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