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Relocating with Toddlers

Hi momma,

Are you that mom that wants to relocate with your kid(s) but just thinking about it makes you nervous? Trust me I get it. It's a hassle just getting them in the car right? It comes with challenges but don't allow this to get in the way of you making that change. I am a big planner and being organized is a absolute must for me. Based on prior experience, I realized it was no easy task traveling with Kairo but I knew the move would be possible. I wanted to share some tips that helped me along the way.

First up , PLAN AHEAD!

Making a checklist has made my life so much easier. I created a list of things that needed to be done before leaving. This included finding a place, job, and childcare for Kairo. I even went as far as getting everything on my car taken care of. Each day I would work on something pertaining to my checklist. This helped me stay focus and organized.


As I got closer to the moving date, I made a list of things I wanted to keep and get rid of. I wasn't open to take everything with me so I sold a few things and gave a lot of things away. This included selling on Facebook marketplace and taking trips to the thrift store. Another method I used is cleaning room by room. Since I used the kitchen and restroom more often, I saved those spaces for last.


This was something that really helped me and made the move a whole lot easier. I knew it would be hectic moving with Kairo in the way , so anytime that I could send him off I did. Lol. Having a babysitter helped me worry less about the well-being of my baby and focus more on my tasks.


The month before the move , I made sure to get any appointments out the way. This included doctor visits for Kairo and I. I wasn't able to find him a new primary care doctor soon enough, so I wanted to make sure all of his shots and physicals were taken care of for the next couple of months. This gave me more time to look around when I relocated. Anything that will help take the load off. Do it momma!


One thing I was careful of was telling everyone. Not because I wasn't excited but because everyone might not understand why I was finally leaving my hometown. I told my close friends and relatives that I felt should know. When you'

re doing what's best for you and your family , don't ever feel like you need to explain your why momma.


This not the time to be splurging momma. Lol You want to save as much as you can. Moving can be expensive and you want to make sure that you are comfortable financially. Will it break bank. Maybe. but at least you'll have some cushion to fall back on.


I always wanted to leave my hometown but I wanted to make sure it was the right place for me and my child. I constantly prayed on moving and asking God to lead and guide me to the the place he wanted me. Sure enough I got my answer but it took me isolating myself to hear clearly. Always pray on any decision you make momma, he's going to steer you in the right direction.


Moving takes a lot out of us momma , so make sure you get as much rest as you can.

If you considered relocating or feel like it's time, do it ! Make a plan and execute , you got this momma!

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