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Make Time For Absolutely Nothing Days

You ever feel like you're not doing enough. Like there's just not enough time in the day. Feeling guilty of doing absolutely nothing. STOP IT. Stop being so hard on yourself sis. I know what that feels like and trust me it's not a good feeling. If you're anything like me (a mom, a student, a mentor, a blogger; the list goes on) you always feel like there's something to do right? WRONG .I had to learn that it was okay for me to make time for myself and be intentional about doing absolutely nothing.

No one:

Me: Well I will tell you what that looks like for me.

*Eating all my favorite snacks while catching up on a show.

*Sitting by the water and showing gratitude.

*limiting social media for a day(s). Putting my phone on do not disturb

*Asking a friend to watch Kairo so that I can get some me time in.

It's tough sometimes because guilt will try to creep in but I'm here to remind you that you can't be everything you need to be to others , if you don't make yourself a priority. MAKE TIME SIS!!!

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