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Maintaining a clear head

Do you ever feel like it's hard to think clearly? Like there's just way too much going on? Maybe you've been trying to work on a goal or task and can never get it done. Look around you. How organized is your office space, living space, or even your car? Who are you surrounding yourself with? Could it contribute to a cluttered mind. The answer is yes. Our brains enjoy order and without it we reduce our ability to focus. The visual distraction of clutter causes an unnecessary overload and can make us feel overwhelmed. If you can relate , its time to get back organized and refocused.

Here's some tips on getting rid of clutter and ultimately maintaining a clear mind.

Turn Spring cleaning into SEASONAL cleaning

Deep cleaning at the beginning of the year always makes me feel good. It gives me a positive outlook about the upcoming year. While this is great, I found it easier and even better to Spring clean more often. Over the year it's easy to accumulate things in the house. We tend

to buy more things throughout the year and don't really consider getting rid of things we don't need or use. DON'T BE A HOARDER!!! If you don't need it, get rid of it. As you make this a habit, you'll notice how much of an impact it has on your clarity.

Make your bed!!!

I know it seems simple but it's important . By starting off with this small task in the morning, you are being intentional about doing the little things that gives a sense of order in your life. This also encourages you to take on the next task you have planned for the day. By the end of the day , you'll notice how much progress you made. It's something about checking off a list that excites me. I feel that I am keeping my word and being productive throughout the day. Try making this a habit and monitor how it affects your week.

Clean the kitchen

If there's one thing I hate, it's seeing a messy kitchen first thing in the morning. I find it to be helpful to clean up at night so that I don't see it when I wake up. The kitchen is typically one of the first places I go and playing catch up while not being fully awake makes me feel unprepared. Sounds crazy, right? Truth is having a kitchen free from clutter, dust, and dirt creates a distraction free place. It also gives us free time to focus on our task list for the day. Since we want to start our day off prepared, its only right for us to wake up to a tidy kitchen.

Get your finances together

Not having your finances in order can be frustrating and stressful. No one likes to worry about how they're going to pay a bill or deal with something financially unexpected. Whether that's creating a budget or starting an online savings account. It's important to find out what works for you so that it would be one less concern. I find it very helpful not to have a debit card or have access to transfer the funds so easily from my savings account. This prevents me from being tempted and spending unnecessary money. Something else you could work on is taking care of debt. One method that helps me is the Daves Ramsey snowball effect. He talks about how we should start off with paying off the smallest debt and working our way up. I'm sure there's other options out there, however find methods that will be easier for you to stick to.

Remove the negativity

Sometimes we allow ourselves to be consumed with negative thoughts or even people. That could be the music we listen to, the shows we watch, or being around others that never have anything positive to say. It's time to change that. Because we're going places we have to make sure we're doing our best to fill our head with positive thoughts and surround ourselves with positivity. The key question "Is how does he/she or this add value to my life?" Asking yourself this question will make a huge difference in your life. It encourages you to weed out the negativity and change your environment.

Write it down

Sometimes we're overwhelmed because we simply don't write it down. There's a million things going through our minds daily and it's hard to get things done with a scattered brain. Try writing down a list of tasks you need to get done everyday. Some find it easier to do it nightly and others in the morning. Again do what works for you. The goal is to find a strategy that you can commit to. Lastly, cross off every task as you complete them. This helps us stay on track and increases our productivity.

It's imperative for us to maintain a clear mind when trying to accomplish goals and get our tasks done. We have to continue to utilize tools that will keep us from being distracted and doing what we are called to do. Do we get it right every time. Probably not, however each day we get a chance to start over and try again. Next time you feel like you're all over the place, check to see if its that time to DECLUTTER again???

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