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FREE at Last "What does freedom looks like"

It’s easy to hold grudges. Its easy to stay mad at someone and let’s be honest sometimes it just feels good. You know what’s hard?

It’s hard to love someone that did you wrong. It’s hard to just let go of an offense. See that’s where freedom comes in. Honestly as a single mom, I resented my child’s father. I was so angry with him because how certain situations were handled. I was upset that I had to figure everything out on my own.

For a moment I was even angry at the world because deep down inside I felt that no one understood me or my situation. At least that was what I was telling myself. Truth is, there’s plenty of mommies that dealt with something similar and in some cases worse. Even though I put my self in such a sticky situation it hurt me so much and I felt deeply rejected.

Of course, it didn’t happen overnight, and it took a lot of reflection before I accepted that I rather be free. I don’t want to ever give anyone that much power over life. Is it hard to try and change those negative thoughts into positive ones? You know it! but it can be done. Here’s a list of things I needed to be free from…

Free from guilt

Free from holding grudges

Free from being a victim

Free from the past

Free from having control of others

Does it mean that it’s no longer my story. no in fact it’s my testimony. However, I would no longer walk in the hurt, guilt, and unforgiveness of it. Instead, I will walk in love, faith and hope. See freedom and peace goes hand and hand. Once you understand that peace is within you, you’ll see that so is freedom. You have the right to forgive and move forward for you. Take a look in your life. Are you truly experiencing freedom? And if you’re not , determine what’s stopping you.

Steps to letting go and being free

First, make the decision to walk in freedom.

Secondly, make a list of offenses and grudges in your heart. For each person say aloud “I forgive ________ for doing ______________.

Every time you see this person or think about the situation repeat that until it gets a little easier. It may not be easy in the beginning and that’s okay but overtime it will get better.

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