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Finding meaning in life

With so much going on around us, it's easy to get caught up in the distractions of the world. As moms, we're taking care of the kids, maintaining relationships and trying to flourish in our career field, If we're not careful, life can pass us by without finding true fulfillment in life.

Why is finding meaning in life important?

Well I'm glad you ask, It's important because it gives us a sense of purpose. Sometimes we get caught up in being everything to everyone else, that we forget about us. Knowing why we walked this earth gives us self-worth. I see so many mothers lose their drive when the kids get grown and move out. In most cases, some believe that their main priority was to just raise their kids. I personally beg the differ. I believe that God placed a gift in each and everyone of us. Don't be afraid to dive deeper and seek purpose.

I remember it like it was yesterday when God spoke to me through a video. He was telling me how my job was to give other moms hope. Now years ago, I would have never seen myself blogging about motherhood. I just knew I would be 30 before having a child. lol but I am so thankful. My son, Kairo brought out the things God placed in me specifically to help others. This gave me so much more meaning in life and was a reminder that I was more than a mom.

Here I list some ways on how I find meaning in life...

Be intentional

There was a time when I didn't give the decisions I made much thought and I would just do. I would say yes to things I really wasn't interested in and regret it in the end. Now, that's not the case. We have to be more intentional about what we involve ourselves in. Sometimes we do things just for the approval of others. I remember

becoming so distracted by all the things that didn't bring fulfillment , that it got in the way of my joy. I want you to ask yourself "Is that really living? "Being intentional help us maintain a positive mindset, experience more clarity, and be more present in life. When we're doing irrelevant things , we spend less time on the things we love and more time

in discontent.

Giving back to the community

I feel that giving back is one of the most important principles in life. At a very young age I developed a heart for people in general. I always wanted more so that I can help others be the best versions of themselves. I remember being pregnant with Kairo and we were having an event. We were giving away hygiene products and a lady walked up to me. She explained how she was 7 months pregnant and had no access to getting to a hospital regularly. In my head, I started to come up with all these things that I could do to resolve that in the future for other moms. She then asked if I had prenatal vitamins. It was funny because normally I didn't take my vitamins with me but on this particular day I did. I gave them to her and had a feeling like no other. The feeling of helping someone with a need. If that doesn't give you fulfillment . I don't know what will. lol

Being true to you!

There is so many influenced people in the world but one of you. Growing up I thought something was wrong with me because I was different. People would always say it and I felt it. I never fitted in and for so long I was ashamed. As I got older, I realized that it was never meant for me to fit in. Once I started to embrace that, I felt better about myself. This gave me the confidence to be bold and stay true to me. I encourage you to do the same momma.

Having Gratitude

I am a firm believer that showing gratitude everyday helps me see so much of the good in my life. It gives me more of a positive experience. This positive experience ultimately encourages me to get up and do the things God called me to. Make a habit of writing down 3 things you're grateful for daily. It will change your perspective on a lot of things in life.

It doesn't take much to find meaning in life. If you look hard enough, you'll find it. Sometimes it'll find you. Focus on your strengths, the things you do effortlessly and lean in. You got this momma!

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1 Comment

Casandra James
Casandra James
Sep 15, 2023

This was a truly heartfelt post. There are so many of us walking through life as people pleasers and we are unhappy. Thank you for this, a lot of us need to focus on our own personal happiness. It is okay to have a career or profession that we love and still be able to love and raise our babies. I look forward to the next post.


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