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Controlling Acne Breakouts

Updated: Nov 3

My journey with skin troubles only began in my mid-20s. Initially, I had little understanding of how to care for my skin, leading me to try every acne-clearing product available. Frustrated by the lack of results, I took matters into my own hands. I researched, interned with a naturopathic doctor, and even became a licensed esthetician. I diligently followed all the recommended steps, and yet, something still seemed amiss. While I managed to clear up many of the breakouts, they weren't gone for good. I think the misconception was that by becoming a facial specialist, I would never get a pimple again (quite laughable). The truth is, there are numerous factors at play when it comes to breakouts. Taking all the right steps simply allowed me to better manage them. Along this path, I've learned a few valuable tips that I'd like to share with you...

"Stress is not what happens to us, It is our response to what happens".

Something that I noticed with my crazy breakouts was that it was during a stressful time in my life. I had just quit my job and I was overwhelmed with the new business venture. I remember going to my gym and inquiring about the yoga class coming up. I heard great things about it but wasn't really sure if it was my thing. That is until I tried it. The first, second, even third try was a little rusty but as I continued to go I improved. Yoga

showed me how to slow down and be more intentional about my breathing. This helped put everything else in my body at ease. Now, there are different things you can do to release that tension. Zumba is a great form of exercise and practicing daily meditation is a tool as well. Find what works for you and be consistent with it.

"Gut health is the key to overall health"

One day I came across a video with Randy Jackson discussing probiotics and prebiotics. Honestly, I had no clue what he was talking about, so I looked it up. I was amazed at how much our digestive system played a role in skincare. Having an imbalance in gut bacteria can promote skin diseases such as psoriasis and different forms of acne. I must say probiotics made a huge difference. I am a tea drinker, so I like to add chicory root every now and then as well. Chicory root is a prebiotic that helps feed the good bacteria in your gut. If you're looking for a good brand of probiotics, I always suggest checking reviews.

“Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.”

Like I said , in the beginning I used every skincare product you can think of . Though my skin had a root cause (I am currently adjusting to) , I needed to find simple products that worked for me. So I did. And can you guess where? Many of them where found right in my kitchen. All of that research came in handy and I was able to find natural ingredients that worked better for me. These ingredients included different oils, clays, and herbs. The beauty industry has evolved so much and there are plenty of great skincare products now. Find the ones that work for you. I suggest trying a product out for at least 30 days unless you're having a terrible reaction. The reason why I say terrible is because sometimes the skin purge after trying something new. Don't be alarmed , it happens. If you get an eerie feeling , always listen to your gut and discontinue the product.

Just a heads up your skincare routine and products can change due to different environments, seasons, and aging.

Moisturizer PLEASE!

Early on I thought that acne breakouts meant that I shouldn't put anything oily or creamy on my face. I mean if I did it would make it worse right? ahhhhhttt wrong, Moisturizers are your friend. Do you ever noticed that one the days you skip moisturizing , your skin is a little oilier than usual. When you don't use moisturizer, your body is basically saying you're super dry. As a result , it produces more sebum than needed. More sebum that clogs the pores and cause breakouts. Typically with acne, I like to put together more of a lightweight cream but again find that thing that works for you. Once you find your thing, stick to a routine and be consistent.

"Take care of your body and it will take care of you"

Listen, I love all the sugar lol but I noticed that my skin doesn't like it as much . What I realized is that it doesn't mean I have to completely cut everything out but it should be done in moderation. I love the idea of the 80/20 rule. If you don't know it's when 80 percent of the time you eat whole plant base foods including proteins and 20 % of the time you get to indulge in the things that are great for the soul. Everyone's body is different so focus on the food that makes you feel good. Here's a simple recipe that I absolutely love. It's fresh, light, and great for the tummy!

*****No measurements required

  • Cucumbers

  • tomatoes

  • onions

  • vinegar

  • ranch seasoning

  • a little salt and pepper

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