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Co-parenting is Possible !!!

Kairo’s father and I have came a long way and honestly I’m thankful for that. One thing that I would always think about was Kairo feeling left out when I decided to expand my family. Something else I didn’t want was for Kairo to miss a beat with either of us growing up in a two-parent household. This encouraged me to learn how to co-parent in a healthy way. We have a life-time to go but here's somethings I have learned in this short amount of time.

Keep the past in the past. Don’t keep bringing up the old stuff. Everyone plays a role in why things turn out a little different than expected and that’s okay. Acknowledge your

feelings and deal with them. It’s difficult, especially when you may have lingering feelings but that’s why you have to keep it about the child. To my next point….

Focus on the child. I love Kairo enough to want what’s best for him. When I make decisions, I based it off of how much I love my baby. Even if I’m in my feelings, I am willing to put them to the side for Kairo and his father relationship. Does that mean that my feelings aren’t valid? No. Now if I feel like it’s necessary to talk about them with the father than I will other than that it’s about the child.

You’re never alone. For some time, it was just Kairo and I. So adjusting to co-parenting wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. All of sudden, I began to feel lonely and I had to deal with that. Truth is, I was dealing with something that stimulated from childhood. I know I had supportive friends/family and God but I would get this lonely feeling without my baby.

I’m here to tell you that it’s normal. Just remember that God is always there and he sees you.

Don’t feel obligated. Something I had to consider was not feeling like I had to drop everything to make things happen so that Kairo can spend time with his family. They didn’t put that pressure on me but I sure did put it on myself. If you had plans prior before, 9/10 they will understand and respect it.

Respect each other. I am big on respect. Honestly, I don’t believe in bashing the other parent. I rather speak life into them. I know some may be turning their noises up at me but think about it this way. You love your babies right and you want them to feel empowered in every way. When you speak life in the other parent, it gives them that extra level of confidence that they can do this. Everything is not always set and stone but just try it. See if it works!

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