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"A Balance of Motherhood with Self-care"

Self-care isn't always easy to fit into our busy lives. Some days, it feels like a piece of cake, while others can be quite the opposite – more like a train wreck. It's important to remember that it's okay, mama. We need to learn to give ourselves grace. During those overwhelming moments, I like to take a step back and assess what's missing. Which parts of my life need attention? Being intentional about self-care is crucial. After all, it's hard to be everything our family needs if our own cup isn't full.

Here I list ways in which I incorporate self-care in my daily routines.

Daily Devotional

I find that beginning each day with a daily devotional is important for me. It's my way of spending time with God before diving into the challenges of the day. Life can be quite demanding at times, and this practice equips me with the spiritual strength and resilience I need. While there are days when I can't always do it in the morning, I strive to maintain this routine as closely as possible. This helps me stay grounded and sets a positive tone for the day.

Practicing Mindfulness

Mindfulness is now a vital part of my everyday life, especially as a mom. In the midst of the daily chaos, I've made it a routine to find quiet moments. It's my way of hitting the reset button and staying grounded. One of the ways I do this is by taking long walks and appreciating the beauty around me. You can also achieve mindfulness through practices like yoga and breathing exercises. Don't hesitate to explore new things; you never know what might work for you.

Saying "Yes" to self

Choosing to prioritize yourself can involve turning down invitations and setting boundaries with others. It's okay to decline things that don't align with your desires. If you're used to always saying yes, it can be challenging at first. However, over time, it becomes a little easier. Saying yes to self can help us avoid overextending ourselves and becoming burned out.

Prioritizing your overall health

Nurturing your well-being includes adopting a healthy lifestyle through clean eating and regular exercise. Additionally, it might involve paying attention to personal grooming. Maybe, for you that’s ensuring your makeup is flawless, or wearing that outfit that makes you feel confident. There's a saying: "When you look good, you feel good." As mothers, we should prioritize maintaining our well-being and appearance as much as we can.

Be kind to yourself.

Being kind to yourself as a mom involves giving yourself grace. Recognize that the challenges of motherhood mean you won't always get it right, but it's essential to embrace your growth. I find it beneficial to post affirmations that are visible around the house. This practice serves as a reminder of my strengths and the traits I'm working towards. In motherhood, constant self-affirmation becomes crucial and helps you navigate through those challenging times.

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